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Demon Slayer Rui X Male Reader

Murata i know that wasn t my finest moment back there but i m a demon slayer too. He is also a member of the twelve kizuki 2 having held the position of lower rank 5 下 か 弦 げん の伍 ご kagen no go 3 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 3 1 human life 3 2 demon life 4 synopsis 4 1 natagumo mountain arc 5 abilities and powers 5 1 demon.

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Despite being a demon he still tries to make friends with humans.

Demon slayer rui x male reader. Y n set the male slayer against the tree unsure of what to do in this situation. Kill her already rui rui glared below. Rui shook his head.

Read rui elder sister reader holding his hand from the story demon slayer x reader one shots by petalonurface with 2 014 reads. Now i know i just need to slash the threads and that these guys can only make the most elementary of movements. Kyogai drum demon kimetsu no yaiba male reader freeform.

I ll watch out for the spiders too. It doesn t matter at all it does to me ack you tried to kick off a spider crawling on your leg. Summary this fic is on my quotev too upfall just in case you were confused y n is an old demon who is sentient and can control himself around humans.

It s kimetsu no yaiba x male reader. I don t remember useless stuff. We need backup someone of a higher rank.

Demon slayer reader insert by echo1236 232k 9 7k 44 you re not having the best day ever right now first you get transported to the word of demon slayer then you have to fight for your life against demons. Oh how he wished he could join them. Demon slayer one shots 5.

A young boy stood silently in the snow the chilling breeze blowing through as he watched the children play in the streets. Koko she yelled knowing that her crow was nearby. He faced you again.

Rui was just a poor bby that wanted to feel love h c brunette blonde redhead etc. Where are you going i tugged on his sleeves since i was a friend around his age i was allowed to do these things. In which f n is trying really hard to be like her siblings when she s a smug little a hole.

Demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba x male reader oneshots discontinued. The older brother snickered at your reaction. The corps crow flew down perching at her outstretched arm deliver a message to the head quarters of the demon corps.

Though he never tried to get rid of me did rui do something. Demon slayer various x female reader includes both female and male love interest sometimes a family can be a sibling trio of a sunshine child a cinnamon roll of a demon and amoral liar. Leave as if on cue all of them jumped and scattered away.

I m going to him was all he needed to say for me to understand this man wasn t really fond of the idea of having me a human by rui s side. I ll find a way to hold them off. Rui 累 るい rui is the primary antagonist ofthe natagumo mountain arc of demon slayer.

It does to you.

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